Passion for Curves

The meaning of the Lidea claim „Passion for Curves“? Just fits in every size. That is what our consumers expect from Lidea swimwear. Ensuring that sizes go from 36 to 50 and that cup sizes are available from A to H is something that we ourselves see as a business basic. The brand claim “Passion for curves” stands for the appreciation of the female body’s beauty in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we develop materials and cuts with light, medium and extra cup support levels. But we aren’t stopping there. We provide different strap designs for D-cup bikinis than we have on the same model in an A-cup, as well as different bikini bottom designs in size 44 than in size 38. Smooth comfort for every size, the right fit for every activity, stylish details for every piece – expressing body positivity takes all that and more.

The bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits from Lidea go by a simple maxim: “Design follows curves.”

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