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 LIDEA features curvy model

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. It reveals itself in ist own self-image. LIDEA celebrates the curves, the feeling of well-being in one’s own skin. Sommer can come. The bikini is already waiting: cup sizes from A to H support the figures needs. Ease is the unit for the perfect day by the sea. The 2020 collection presents beachwear favourites also on a curvy model for the first time.


maryan beachwear group‘s headquarters rebuild finished

Aesthetics creates aesthetics. In autumn 2018, the reconstruction of the Design and Development Center at the company's headquarters in Murg was completed. In award-winning architectural design, the purchasing, quality, CAD and development departments have found a new home.

A craftsmanship’s worth

Luxury does not embody diamonds. Luxury is about the hands of the craftsmen. Their art, skill and tradition are reflected in our brands' attention to detail.


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